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#1 Clean out your gutters 

This morning I found one of my gutter's downspout holes was clogged by a small red toy likely thrown on the roof earlier this week by my 3 year old son. That little red ball wedged itself perfectly in the drain hole and left my 20 ft gutter sagging and overflowing with water. It looked a little something like this...


Don't be like me. Clean or pay a neighbor kid to clean out your gutters NOW to avoid trouble later. 

#2 Inspect your downspout extensions 

One of the most common home inspection issues we come across is poor drainage around people's homes. Ensure you have proper extensions directing all rain water FAR AWAY from your home's foundation. Poor drainage can result in water in your basement OR foundation/structural cracking that can easily cost $10,000-$20,000 to repair.


#3 Got roof damage? Get your roof inspected by a licensed roofer BEFORE filing an insurance claim 

If your home gets hit by a hail storm or if you have concerns about the condition of your roof (loose or missing shingles, potential past hail damage, active leaks or wet spots in your ceiling), it's best to call a licensed and insured roofer for an inspection ASAP. Sometimes a call to your insurance company will be counted as a claim and affect your rates, even if no substantive services are offered in return. 


A trusted, licensed roofer will be able to walk you through the insurance claim process and help you maximize the amount of repairs you can get for the cost of your deductible. As an added bonus, a new upgraded roof can potentially result in a lower monthly insurance premium as well. 

To request your FREE roof inspection, we recommend our good friends at Integrity Building and Roofing. Tell them RAGE sent you!

Looking to buy or sell a home? Reach out to us today for your free, high trust, low pressure consultation. 

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