What's A Realtor's Commission Rate?

The common rate for Realtors is a 6% commission. This percentage is split between the buyer agent (2.8%) and the listing agent (3.2%).

While some agents or companies might charge a smaller percentage or even a flat rate, this discount is made possible only if they process a high volume of transactions. In our experience, this volume often results in less than satisfactory customer service and frustrated, out of the loop clients.

My goal is to work with happy clients who enjoy the home buying and selling process.

Can We Negotiate a Lower Rate?

Yes, no, and maybe. Think about 6% as six one dollar bills. Of those 6, 3 will go to the other agent. That leaves me with 3 dollars. 1 of those dollars helps pay my business costs (like this website, staying licensed, business insurance, driving to and from all showings, open houses, and appointments, etc.), 1 dollar pays for my own mortgage and food on the table, and 1 dollar pays for the marketing and services particular to buying/selling your home.

Realistically, only 1 of those 6% is negotiable, and it's the percentage that covers my costs of providing you with premier service. In order to run an excellent business that results in the happiest clients in Denver, I generally avoid negotiating on my commission rate.

That being said, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.