Q. How long have you been in real estate?

A. I begin working in real estate in 2007. Prior to that I worked in the mortgage industry.

Q.What is the average days-on-market for your listings?

A. This changes with the state of the market and the many variables that go with selling a home. 

Q. At what price should I list my home?

A. YOU decide that. We review overall market conditions and comparable sales data with you so you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Q. Should I select a realtor who says he/she can get me the highest price?

A. No. The price your homes sells for will be determined by a buyer who compares your home to all the others in your price range. Your home will sell for whatever the market will bear. Insist on a written, well-researched market analysis and set your price accordingly. It’s not an easy process, but it’s not mysterious, either.  First select your Realtor on his/her credentials. Then decide on price. NEVER SELECT AN AGENT ON PRICE.

Q. What will you do to sell our home?

A. Each home that goes on the market is made available through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to all Realtors in the state. This means that anyone who is actively seeking a home like yours will be notified immediately after the home is listed. In addition to the MLS (which is required within the industry), I provide a fully professionalized process for marketing you home - this can include professional photos, consulting by a professional stager, a professional flyer featuring your home to be emailed to all local Realtors, and, for luxury homes, a custom video. More details can be found here.

Q. What commission do you charge?

A. I charge the common industry rate of 6%. This percentage is divided between the buyers agent and the listing agent. You can read more here.

Q. Can a “discount” broker sell my home as adequately as you?

A. Probably not.  Chances are, he or she lacks a proven track record and wants you to focus on the cost of his/her services, rather than the outcome.  We sell homes faster and negotiate higher prices than the average agent, so we can off-set the discount commission by marketing and negotiating vigorously on your behalf.

Q. What is the length of your listings?

A. 180 days. However, every listing agreement contains a clause allowing you to terminate for any reason at any time. So you have a risk-free commitment to us, while we must prove our worth to you every day.  

Q. Do you have any references?

A. Yes. Please check the testimonials page for some references from past clients. We are proud of the exceptional service we provide every client.

Q. You sell a lot of real estate.  Will you pay attention to my listing?

A. Absolutely! Our top-flight staff assists us with daily details and is available to answer your routine questions immediately. This allows us to devote your time and attention to respond to buyers, negotiate contracts, and sell your home. We have built our business on one satisfied client at a time.  And our goal is for you to spread the word about how well you were served.