Easy Checklist to Selling Your Home


    1.    List below retail price. YES_______ NO_______

    2.    Owner financing available. YES_______ NO_______

    3.    Below market down payment. YES_______ NO_______

    4.    Below market interest rate. YES_______ NO_______

    5.    Government terms available. YES_______ NO_______

    6.    Post dated price reduction. YES_______ NO_______

    7.    Odd sale price. YES_______ NO_______

    8.    Full term listing agreement. YES_______ NO_______

    9.    Above market commission. YES_______ NO_______

    10.    Easy access (key, phone for showing, etc.). YES_______ NO_______

    11.    Yard sign. YES_______ NO_______

    12.    Seller to redecorate and stage. YES_______ NO_______

    13.    Immediate possession. YES_______ NO_______

    14.    Trade terms available. YES_______ NO_______

    15.    Extras included (appliances, etc.). YES_______ NO_______

    16.    Pre-order appraisal. YES_______ NO_______

    17.    Home protection plan. YES_______ NO_______

    18.    Worded to sell the reader.YES_______ NO_______

   19.    No contingencies. YES_______ NO_______

    20.    Seller to complete obvious repairs. YES_______ NO_______

    21.    Seller’s acknowledgment of Salability Checklist. YES_______ NO______


SELLER: ________________________________________


SELLER: ________________________________________


AGENT: ________________________________________