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What to expect: Upon joining a Homeowners Association (HOA)'s membership, homeowners should expect a certain quality of treatment from their association. These expectations are based on rights established in the law, or on basic standards of decency and respect.

Initially, you'll likely hear from your HOA about how to set up your online account, both for community information and your monthly electronic payment options. 

We suggest making a phone call directly to the HOA early on to both introduce yourself and to ensure all their contact information for you has been input correctly.

If you intend to rent out your property for any length of time, it will be essential you learn the guidelines of the HOA and learn what information they'll need about your tenants in the event they need to contact the tenants in case of emergency.

Additionally, you'll learn about the schedule for HOA Board meetings and, especially early on, it can be to your advantage to attend one of the meetings and review minutes (if you didn't while you were under contract) to be brought up to speed on current events and how the HOA operates. 

We hope your experience with your HOA is a great one!

For more information about HOAs, here is a great place to start: http://www.cohoalaw.com/cat-ccioa-101-for-hoa-boards.html

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