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1) Fresh Paint

Nothing says "Ready to Buy" like a home that has been newly painted! Smudges, scuffs, dark or dated colors will set a negative tone for buyers. Neutral colors are good, but they come in a variety of warm and cool, tan and grey values so get some professional tips prior to painting. This is particularly important for the main floor and Master Bedroom/Bath. 


2) Install New Carpet

Paint and carpet is to a new house as tires are to a used car. Putting new tires on a car doesn't make the car worth more than its market value. Same with paint and carpet in a house. But try to sell a care with tires that have no tread, the car will be worth less than market value. Used car buyers expect tires on a used car to have reasonable tread left ... unless it's offered at a discount. Same with paint and carpet in a house. It's maintenance.


3) Declutter and Clean

It’s only natural for homeowners to accumulate “stuff” when living in their home. Clearing out boxes, clothes, extra furniture, toys and personal items will visually enlarge areas to look attractive and spacious for potential buyers. Once accomplished, doing the cleaning yourself or hiring professional house cleaners will be the finishing touch for successful showings and Open Houses. 


4) Staging your home for marketing Photos

Although a well-presented home is a MUST for actual showings, you need to stage prior to that for the photos that buyers will see first online. Light and open, tasteful and fresh, these photos will be the catalyst that brings buyers through your door. Need help? Hire a professional Staging Consultant

5) Plant a Garden

Curb appeal is the first impression that potential buyers will see when they pull up to your home. Embrace spring by planting flowers that will say "Welcome" by adding color, charm, and beauty to your home!


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